Floor sweeping as an essential part of industrial site floor program .

sweeperIndustrial floor sweepers  are available in different shapes and sizes. They have the ability to perform different kinds of cleaning jobs efficiently.There are different commercial and industrial applications ranging  from street sweeping, cleaning warehouse floor to carpet cleaning. Industrial sweepers are designed to pick up debris , dust and particles from the floor and collect it in machines hopper . Most of the sweepers have passive dust control where excess of dry dust is collected by the main filter . There are also units with active dust control that is provided by vacuum motor . Sweeping machines are extremely mobile and easy to operate. They are  usually powered by a battery , propane , gasoline or  diesel engine. The smaller sweepers with ride-on or walk-on design can be used effectively to clean warehouse floors . These sweepers are robust and  easy to operate. They also provide a good mobile cleaning results  and can be used for years given a good maintenance .  Most of the modern sweepers  have low noise output so they can be conveniently used in commercial situations when people are around .

Also smaller  sweepers can be used for carpet cleaning .  Portable vacuum cleaners can not clean carpeted areas time and cost efficiently . The small ride-on and walk-behind sweepers  are the best solution for open carpeted floors . They provide excellent cleaning and can cover up to 30000 sq.ft in an hour . Investing in sweeper ensures low running cost.

When it comes to maintaining industrial floor , we at Allsource Cleaning Equipment  emphasize importance of having floor sweeper in equipment park as much as having an autoscrubber .

Sweeping the floors at industrial site at least three – four times a week would not let dust and debris form soil deposits on the surface and save you on maintenance and chemical for your floor scrubber or autoscrubber .

Allsource Cleaning Equipment and Supplies offers a full line of new and refurbished floor scrubbers and sweepers .

Let Allsource Cleaning Equipment specialists custom develop floor program for your industrial facility .

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Cleaning and sanitizing of hard surfaces . Allsource Cleaning Equipment and Supplies – Brampton , Mississauga , Toronto .



Allsource Cleaning Equipment and Supplies ( ACES ) on importance of cleaning and sanitizing.

Methodical cleaning and sanitizing aims to protect the environment and public health by controlling the transmission of diseases.

First, we have to identify area and particular objects that need to be cleaned. Then appropriate chemicals and cleaning methods must be chosen. Cleaning is step # 1 and sanitizing is step # 2 of the procedure.

With regards to surfaces, all of the following should be considered as priority . Any tools and objects that could be in direct contact with food, as well as any surfaces that directly or indirectly contact the food products. Showers, change rooms, saunas at public facilities and fitness centers is a good example where sanitizing is an absolute must.

Also cleaning tools like brooms, mops, squeegees, buckets, sponges, scrapers, foaming equipment, water guns, etc., should be cleaned and sanitized. Cleaning tools can be a major source of microbial contamination if not cleaned. Cleaning tools should be washed and sanitized after every use. They should be stored clean, dried, and secured.

With cleaning we remove all unwanted particles and substance from the surface by using appropriate detergent depending on application and condition. Cleaning staff must have a clear understanding of types of deposits and dirt to be dealt with certain chemicals for its removal. Cleaning must always be done first followed by sanitizing. Sanitizing surface that’s still dirty will be absolutely useless. Thorough rinsing of the detergent residue is recommended before sanitizing.

We, at Allsource Cleaning Equipment and Supplies , have deep knowledge of cleaning and sanitizing procedures .

We helped many cleaning professionals, whether they needed a procedure for shower maintenance at fitness club or compactor room maintenance at high rise building  , put together a working process that will be both efficient and cost effective.

At Allsource Cleaning Equipment and Supplies we have cleaning equipment, cleaning tools and appropriate cleaning chemicals to help you successfully clean and sanitize required objects .


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